About Us

Thank you for your interest in our line of bows and archery products. Cascade Archery's "New" lineup of custom bows, allows every bowhunter the opportunity to select the design, length and bow materials that will fill his or her needs.

Archer's bow requirements vary. While many archers take to the field for big game alone, others bowfish, shoot small game or shoot in 3D traditional tournaments. However thousands of archers have chosen a Cascade Bow because they desire the feel of a number one quality bow when stump shooting or just practicing in the yard.

Whether you're concentrating on a boss buck's rib cage or a stump, the perfect shot happens when nothing moves except your release hand. One of the comments we hear most from our customers is that when they release their arrow the Cascade Bow stays relaxed in their hand without any violent reaction. The bows design, tiller and your bow hand placement must be the taken into account by our bowyers in order to assure a bow that will allow you to hit the mark with every arrow.

Two decades of longbow and recurve design and manufacturing, DOES make a difference. In order for you to shoot your best, your bow grip must have that just right feel. Stylish slim-line risers, stability and reliability, have made the Cascade Hawk series bows the most sought after and admired in the field today. Stability, because of tight arrow groups. Reliability, because of our unmatched record of hunting weight bows that do not break.

On the following pages there are many choices and selections that you will have to create a hunting bow that you will cherish for years. If we can be of service to you please don't hesitate to give us a call.


Steve Gorr