Our Bow Line

Night Hawk
48" 52", 56", 58", 60" & 62"

This new bow for the 21st century will out perform them all. The Night Hawk's unbreakable solid Phenolic riser is built for the most grueling and rugged hunts. The Night Hawk is as tough as they come and sold with a lifetime warranty.

Many bowhunters who have purchased our new Night Hawk have written us about their arrow group's decreasing 50%. The finest materials with the highest quality workmanship does make a difference - a difference the bowhunter can feel with every shot.

Whitetail Hawk
56" & 58"

Cascade's 56" Whitetail Hawk will deliver top performance for archers with a 27" to 29" draw length. When you see the quality of workmanship and feel the Whitetail Hawk's finish, you will know that time was not a factor in creating this bow. The Whitetail Hawk has an expertly crafted grip and six hardwood laminations.

The Whitetail Hawk Super Smooth 58" was developed to deliver the smoothest draw and hardest-hitting arrow for bowhunters who shoot 29" to 30" arrows.

Golden Hawk Magnum
48" & 52"

The Golden Hawk Magnum is the state of the art for magnum length bows. The Golden Hawk Magnum has not only proved itself a great asset for the tree stand hunting whitetails, but has become the answer for the backpacking bowhunter who demands compactness and maneuverability. The Golden Hawk Magnum has unmatched smooth draw with true magnum penetration and knock down power.

Super Black Hawk
60" & 62"

Our most popular takedown bow features a slime line riser and thin tapered limbs for maximum cast with heavy hunting arrows. The exclusive positive lock limb hold down system locks the limb to the riser within .001 thousandths of an inch for consistent accuracy. The bowhunters who have tested it, invariably select a Super Black Hawk.

Sparrow Hawk One Piece Recurve

The Sparrow Hawk's long .002 thousandths tapered limb allows a smooth, even draw beyond 30". From the moment you cast your first shaft, the Sparrow Hawk will take you back to a simpler time when the flight of the feathered shaft stirred the hearts of men.

Silver Hawk Longbow
62" & 64"

When the Silver Hawk longbow first took shape on our drafting table, I wanted to design a longbow that made the transition from a recurve to a longbow easy. The contoured grip of the Silver Hawk will allow the archers hand to seat in the exact position for each shot. The Silver Hawk's deflex limb will have excellent performance with heavy wood arrows.

Marsh Hawk (Flatbow)

The Marsh Hawk is a flat bow, styled after many of the American Indian selfbows. The wide limb makes for a very accurate and forgiving bow. This bow shoots best for archers with 27" to 29" draw lengths. A traditional bow that will last a lifetime.

Goshawk (Turk Longbow)

The Goshawk is a Turk style longbow that eases back smoothly when you draw, like a soft pulling recurve. Most archers add three to four pounds when ordering this bow, it pulls that nice.