Cascade Accessories

Cascade Padded Camo TD Case

Durable Camo Outer, fleece lined. Fleece limb tubes, zippered inner pockets, nylon carrying handles, full zippered body. Available in Southwestern as well.


Cascade Mini Bow Sight


Longbow  Sock: Is Longer Available


Cascade Bow Stringer (Recurve/Longbow)

Eliminates twisting bow limbs while stringing bow. One pocket, one gripper design. Tough, nylon braid rope, for recurve bows up to 70 pounds.


Cascade Deluxe Bow String

These are the old stand bys, high qualitty B-50 in all lengths for your recurve or longbow.


Cascade Deluxe Flemish String

Many bow strings found in stores have half the number of fiber strands in the loops, and this is where most bow strings break. Our Flemish strings feature the traditional twisted loop design and come in lengths to fit your recurve or longbow.